More than 50% of the currently generated digital information is totally unstructured, this means it not found in databases, log files, Excel, XML or JSON files. Office and PDF documents, conversations, images, audio, video, email, zip files and many other types of information may contain relevant information that common structured or semi-structured analysis technologies cannot treat.

The HPE IDOL technology has the ability to extract and analyze information from virtually any type of information content, including information completely unstructured. After the information is on the platform, IDOL can extract pieces of information associated to identities such as names of people, places, organizations, identity numbers, addresses, bank accounts, telephones, etc. From this entity analysis, IDOL can determine the entities relationships, such as the relationship of a person’s name with other person, from a conversation content in an e-mail.

IMExperts implements Solutions based on HPE IDOL technology to solve real cases of investigation and national security through advanced unstructured information processing as Link Analysis over unstructured information.