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BigData is not just about analyzing large volumes of data, but also analyzes a wide variety of data in real time. HP Haven Platform, is the most powerful BigData  Platform in the world capable of processing big volumes of Unstructured Information, i.e. information that is not stored in rows and columns or in semi-structured files like XML, Logs or JSON files. Through the HP IDOL engine and it’s Connectors Framework, it is possible to analyze any type of true unstructured content in real-time, including office documents, e-mails, zip files, images, audio, video, phone calls, social media interactions, web content, ECM systems, databases and many other formats and information repositories, which also can be distributed in different locations and with specific security rules. While the content is processed by the Platform, you can apply various analytical functions to detect the relevant information and find patterns that provide answers about specific behaviors, including:

  • Indexing and Search
  • Text Analytics
  • Language detection
  • Format Conversion
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Multimedia Analytics


Key Features


  • 150 connectors
  • 1,000 file formats
  • Audio and video
  • Social Media data
  • Connector Framework

  Text Analytics

  • Find Related Concepts
  • Find Similar
  • Document Categorization
  • Language Identification
  • Entity Extraction
  • Link Analysis
  • Clusters

  Format Conversion

  • Expand Container
  • Text Extraction
  • Document Visualization

  Multimedia Analytics

  • Speech to Text (50 Languages)
  • Speaker Identification
  • Face detection and analysis
  • Logos and Object detection (2D and 3D)

  Social Media Analytics

  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Clustering
  • Alerting
  • Hot Topics
  • Volume

  And more...