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Advanced enterprise search and data analytics for unstructured data with machine learning that lets you search and analyze text, image, audio, and video from virtually any source.

HPE IDOL has extensive capabilities to harness text and rich media data for contextually relevant knowledge discovery across diverse sources. Examine typical use cases and discover how the visualization tool may streamline analytics workflow.

With IDOL it's possible extract Insights from Human Information in Any Language or Format. Understanding the complex structure and often ambiguous meaning of human language is difficult especially in today’s world of social media. NLP (Natural Language Processing) alone falls short. Learn how IDOL addresses the NLP gaps and provides a broad spectrum of functions to automate knowledge discovery from over 1,000 file types of human information.

With IDOL it's possible increase Your Return on Human Capital. It’s hard to extract insights when massive amounts of data in diverse formats come at you at a breakneck pace from countless sources. Human talent is key. Amplify that talent with augmented intelligence to make better decisions faster.


Key Features


  • 150 connectors
  • 1,000 file formats
  • Audio and video
  • Social Media data
  • Connector Framework

  Text Analytics

  • Find Related Concepts
  • Find Similar
  • Document Categorization
  • Language Identification
  • Entity Extraction
  • Link Analysis
  • Clusters

  Format Conversion

  • Expand Container
  • Text Extraction
  • Document Visualization

  Multimedia Analytics

  • Speech to Text (50 Languages)
  • Speaker Identification
  • Face detection and analysis
  • Logos and Object detection (2D and 3D)

  Social Media Analytics

  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Clustering
  • Alerting
  • Hot Topics
  • Volume

  And more...