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Get comprehensive rich media intelligence and deliver easy-to-use media analysis and visualization for better management. One solution can do it all.

HP Rich Media Analytics helps you accelerate growth, reduce costs and mitigate risks by tapping into the wealth of insights locked in the fast growing volumes of disparate rich media in diverse formats of Video, Image and Audio Data. Rich Media Analytics delivers all the components necessary to provide video analytics such as scene analysis, image recognition, demographics analysis, and speech analytics such as speech-to-text, speech recognition, and audio fingerprint identification. With seamless integration with HP IDOL, it enables rich media analysis data to be directly indexed into IDOL for advanced search and analytics.

Big Data Multimedia Analytics

Key Features


  • Automatic Video Tagging
  • Advanced Video Search
  • Automatic Video Classification
  • Automatic events detection
  • Video content correlation

  Content Types

  • Live Radio and TV Feeds
  • Live and VoD Streaming
  • AV files (multiple formats)
  • Image files (multiple formats)

  Audio Analytics

  • Speech to Text (50 Languages)
  • Speaker Identification
  • Audio Segmentation
  • Audio Finger Print Detection

  Visual Analytics

  • Face detection and analysis
  • Logos and Object detection
  • Text Detection (OCR)
  • Barcode Recognition
  • Scene Detection
  • Number Plate Recognition


Hp Enterprise Customers


  • HPE IDOL Rich Media Analytics