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HPE Vertica is the most advanced SQL Database Analytics Portfolio built from the very first line of codes to address the most demanding Big Data analytic initiatives. HPE Vertica delivers speed without compromises, volumes without limits, and the broadest range of consumption models. Choose Vertica on premise, on demand, in the cloud, or on Hadoop. With support for all leading BI and visualization tools, open source technologies like Hadoop and R, and built-in analytical functions, Vertica helps you derive more value from your Enterprise Data Warehouse and data lakes and get to market faster with your analytics initiatives.

  • Real Time Loading and Querying. Vertica is often able to load data up to 10x faster than traditional row-stores as a result of this design (hybrid in-memory/on-disk architecture).
  • Advanced In-Database Analytics. Vertica offers a robust and ever growing set of Advanced In-Database Analytics functionality.
  • Aggressive Data Compression. Vertica operates on encoded data which dramatically improves analytic performance by reducing CPU, memory, and disk I/O at processing time. Traditional RDBMS systems are not able to operate on compressed data. Vertica on the other hand will end up reducing the original data size to 1/5th or 1/10th its original size even with our high-availability redundancy turned on.
  • Scale Out MPP Architecture. Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) systems are becoming the norm. Vertica delivers a simple, yet highly robust and scalable MPP solution for the masses with linear scaling and native high availability on industry standard hardware.
  • Columnar Storage and Execution. It's no wonder why all of the major data warehousing vendors are trying to morph their outdated architectures to leverage columnar technology- column stores offer significant gains in performance, I/O, storage footprint, and efficiency when it comes to analytic workloads. Why read and retrieve all columns in the database if you don’t need all of them?




Key Features

 SQL Analytics Database
 Real Time Loading and Querying
 Advanced In-Database Analytic
 Aggressive Data Compression
 Scale Out MPP Design
 Columnar Storage and Execution
 Database Designer and Admin Tools
 R and Distributed R Integration
 Hadoop Integration


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