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HP TeleForm Technology automatically captures, classifies, and extracts information from paper and electronic documents using powerful recognition technologies and creating accurate process-ready content in real time. By eliminating time-consuming manual document sorting and data entries. TeleForm streamlines document-driven business processes and delivers a significant and rapid return on investments.

TeleForm provides a single platform for capturing all documents as soon as they are received by the organization, across different departments, businesses, and geographies. This unified approach to document capturing improves business operations across the enterprise through process acceleration, cost reductions, lower compliance risks, enforced process consistency, and increased information security.


ECM Capture Example


Key Features

  Automatically capture, classify and extract information from paper and electronic forms.
  Process thousands of documents per minute.
  Eliminate manual document sorting and data entries using automatic document classification and information extraction.
  Accelerate processes, improve services, reduce costs, and lower compliance risks.
  Integration with all scanning technologies, document management or workflow systems.





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