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iManage Works (former WorkSite) is an advanced document management system that enables teams to work together on a single set of documents, available from any access point, including desktops and laptops, the Internet, and mobile devices. WorkSite transforms documents from an isolated knowledge source—visible only to an individual—to information assets that can be accessed by relevant users across all offices, easily and securely. Through its advanced filing system and powerful search capacities, WorkSite promotes team collaboration, improves productivity, and enhances customer service by making all project documents easy to access and secure


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Key Features

  Manages all electronic documents and e-mails
  Library services including check-in, out, versioning, copy, printing, profile editing and more
  Organizes into relevant file structure
  Automatically applies metadata and security
  Microsoft office integration
  Enables secure collaboration
  Enables mobile access
  Powerful Enterprise Search integrated
  Integrated OCR over images capability


iMenage Works

  • iManage Works (WorkSite)