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iManage Insight (former Universal Search IUS), built on HP’s market leading HP IDOL Platform, is an advanced enterprise search solution tailored specifically to the needs of knowledge managers. The ability to find the right information easily and quickly is fundamental to improving efficiency in knowledge intensive organizations, such as law firms, legal departments, financial service firms and consulting organizations. IUS uses multiple search models, significantly improving the speed, accuracy and completeness of the search. Through sophisticated functionality and analytics, IUS automates manual operations in real-time to offer true business value, such as increased productivity, improved expertise and greater customer retention.


ECM Knowledge Management Example 01

Key Features

  Find the right information quickly and easily across all data repositories

  Locate and make connections with experts throughout the organization

  Identify experienced and strategic relationships that can be leveraged to develop new business opportunities

  Warm users about modified references, statutes, policies

  Automatically classify and categorize information

  Discover valuable training materials for faster ramp ups


iMenage Works

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