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HP Business Process Automation (former Liquid Office) incorporates a comprehensive, graphic workflow modeling and simulation environment enabling business users to define processes that involve enterprise-wide information, human and automated tasks. These processes are orchestrated in Process Automation’s fully scalable process engine.

HP Liquid Office provides a web-based solution for creating and deploying electronic forms and automatically managing the routing, tracking and approval processes. Process Automation eForms is the fastest way for organizations to put their forms and processes online and present them to internal and external users.

HP Liquid Office Analytics includes comprehensive monitoring and management features that provide visibility to business processes and help enforce compliance in the company. With the ability to identify bottlenecks, audit use, analyze processes and handle exceptions, HP Process Automation helps managers make real-time improvements to processes that drive business.


ECM Workflow Example 01  ECM Workflow Example 02  ECM Workflow Example 03

Key Features

  Proven and scalable – is a proven, scalable solution for automating processes that integrate people and content
  State of the art, intuitive tools – Use to model and simulate processes, developing forms, and monitoring processes
  Reduce risk, increase speed and optimize business outcomes – The solution can be applied across a range of processes for customers, suppliers, and employees
  Natural integration with WorkSite Document Management and TeleForm Capture System




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