Artificial Intelligence analytics for text, audio, video and image

Microfous® IDOL harness the knowledge and increases the value of your data with comprehensive real-time analytics for any text, audio, video and image content performed by a single cognitive platform with artificial intelligence.

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Leverage the power of IDOL, the world’s leading cognitive technology (see the Forrester® report) with value-added solutions including:

Data Integration

Extensive access to ready-to-use data.
With access to more than 150 repositories, IDOL offers wide coverage of ready connectors
to integrate any type of data respecting security constraints of each repository and support for more than 1,000 formats without interruption or relocation.

About IDOL

Built on innovative technologies such as machine learning and neural networks IDOL unlocks insights, revealing trends and patterns for discovery of knowledge. Here are some of the features:


Ready connectors for multiple repositories and support for any format, access virtually all data inside and outside your network securely without interruption or relocation.

Natural language processing

Provide users a personalized experience through natural language processing technology (NLP) to interact humanely with information systems and knowledge bases.

Artificial intelligence

Leverage the power of integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) to simplify complex tasks and processes through techniques such as machine learning or deep neural networks to analyse and understand information residing in computational data.

Visual Analytics

Advanced analytic functions to detect, recognize and classify images, faces, objects and logos from any visual content.

Speech Analytics

Advanced analytic functions for speech analysis in multiple languages including automatic speech transcription, speaker identification and audio pattern matching in real-time.


Make sure the right data reaches the right persons. Preserve and stay up to date on security rights without compromising performance through strong data access protection.

GSA Replacement Special Offer

Google Search Appliance GSA license renewals were closed in 2017 and will end in 2018, leaving a very limited time to exit the Google platform. IMExperts and Microfocus® offer together a solution for affected companies: a Rapid Assessment to migrating from GSA to IDOL Cognitive Search.

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