The Apache Hadoop Platform represents one of the biggest changes in the paradigm of mass data storage and processing. Solutions like Data Warehouses DWH or Network Attached Storages SAN, have fallen short to solve the problem of massive growth and diversification of information.

Hadoop makes feasible the treatment of huge volumes of data without large financial and technological constraints. Large growing volumes of information, often generated in not fully structured files, can now be stored simply supporting demanding grow rates and also execute processes to analyze the data and get relevant answers about the historic, present and even future behavior of information through predictive models.

The key of Hadoop is being a technology designed from inception to be distributed, then both storage and processes execution are distributed in many nodes residing in commodity servers, commonly hundreds or even thousands, unlike common technologies where clustered distribution is so limited.

Internally Hadoop solves the complexity of manage all distributed nodes and processes and allows synchronization in all ecosystem, providing users and administrators a simple interface to store, process and manage the data.

IMExperts integrates the Hadoop platform to deliver profitable Big Data Solutions to solve real problems that require handling massive volumes of data.