The advanced technology of image and voice analysis of HPE IDOL, allows recognize persons by use biometrical analysis of human face images and voice speech samples.

Face Detection.

HPE IDOL Platform allows the use of advanced algorithms to analyze the face of a person from a simple image such as a photo or even a video. Once the face information is sent to IDOL, its possible to train a model with biometrics of the person analyzing the morphology distances of the face. Then, that person can be recognized in some other image or video, for example through a cell cam photo or live video.


Voice Detection.

The platform HPE IDOL also includes an advanced voice analysis technology, through which it is possible to take the sample of a speaker in a simple audio format file like MP3, get a unique pattern of the voice frequency and amplitude, and then be able to recognize the voice of the speaker in any other audio or video.

IMExperts is working with HPE to implement real applications using face and voice analysis of IDOL, to solve real cases as biometrics online authentication and face identity fraud detection.